Lago de As Pontes

The slope of the hillside of Lake Soft As Pontes makes an ideal place to start paragliding.

Cabo Prior, Ferrol

If the wind picks up we will Esmelle, if down to Cabo Prior, and if even lower to Ponzos. Different intensities for west winds.

Or Limo, Cariño

It is one of the few takeoffs Galicia E and ESE facing with fabulous views over the coast of Ortegal.

San Román, O Vicedo

San Román, to combine a day of flying and beach between the Rias do Barqueiro and the Ria de Viveiro, Coelleira with one step.

Windy Hill, Ferrol

Traditional viewpoint on the beach and lagoon Doniños for takeoff ferrolterranos and essential for the Galician paragliders.

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