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The origins of our sport, half a century ago, confúndense several disciplines: Airmen, NASA gives researchers, aladeltistas, ... All climbers participated in the origin of what is now the glider, a wonderful aircraft flexible, occupying less than the notes Roman law the first quarter of the race. It weighs 15 times less.

And continues to evolve respecting the premises with which he was born. Every time we have candles lighter, small, safe and donated to ride.

So, romantic fellow fliers, I invite you to take advantage of winter conditions to rediscover our sports. Folded with the candle, and so well abrigádevos, we're going to mountain!

No club we coa mountain experience of several partners. Among them, Diego Fernandez (or Fernández, to dry) which is, moreover, a skilled and seasoned paraglider no campo da improv takeoffs and aterraxes. Polo, serving us your experience and availability infinite, propose a series of experiences of winter paramontaña by Serra Miner and surroundings.

We have already started this daring day 31 with the rise and flight from Cuíña, das que vos achegaremos cumprida información audiovisual cando sexa posible.

And as to shut non know, should not talk, remato with this address will harangue deixándovos this pearl film of our colleague Salva Crespo.

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Y el trailer de la próxima superproducción 😉

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