by Marcos Galan (Director Técnico de la Escuela Deportiva Club Parapente Ferrol)

Paragliders coming to market go through a testing standard approval, that determine how they behave in different situations.

Those responsible for the approval are independent companies (como “Air Turquoise”) running tests and publish the results.

The tests range from basics like behavior in inflation, turns or landing, to severe incidents as folded all types, with and without accelerator. Each maneuver is performed at least twice, shooting from different angles to study their responses.

Depending on the response of the glider, without test pilot intervention, is assigned to each maneuver an A , B, C o D. A A, implies that the candle solved the problem quickly, without causing other problems. A D, the opposite.

The type approval will be the largest of points obtained in a maneuver.

Really, gentle reader, to preguntarás: "Then, a candle approved B, let's say, You can have a single B, in a maneuver. And another candle may have 15. Both are approved candles B, but do not look at almost anything!"

For gave the spot. And so we come to the first climax of this Article: CHOOSE A CANDLE TO FIT YOUR LEVEL OF PILOT.

If you're starting to fly, not hesitate to choose a candle A. If you finished the course and have some skill you can choose between candles with two or three maneuvers B. Eye to this, not going to be that these maneuvers are very basic. I would recommend not having B in folded without booster or basic piloting. Ideally, in this case having only candles maneuvers accelerator B, so in case of problems, releasing the accelerator you will be flying a completely safe sailing.

The candle set B on the market is the largest, as it responds to the needs of almost 80% paragliding pilots. From those who leave school and start flying regularly to those who make their first steps in the comp and XC. Why we talk about candles B "low", "Average" or "high", by the number of maneuvers B having.

The category C is aimed at experienced pilots looking for performance, so do not trust those who talk about paragliding C "low". A candle C always requires experience and speed of reactions.

D candles, we leave for competitors or XC pilots flying many hours in thermal year, and have experience in SIV (Flight safety)

Artigo escoller vela test Sensis

Let the second part of this article. And last, suffered reader.

Paragliders have a range of weights that define their behavior approved. This weight is measured with all equipment included, does not refer to single pilot weight. Each model glider has various sizes to choose, that usually cover the entire spectrum of possible weights pilots.

To calculate your weight in flight, you can take all your gear and weigh yourself. The most common is to add 20 your naked weight kilos / a. This could be an example:

  • Weight of the glider (5'5 Kgs.)
  • Weight of the chair (5,5 kgs)
  • Weight paracas and its container (2,5 kgs.)
  • Helmet, backpack, compression bag and tape (2 kgs.)
  • Broadcasting station, varied, mobile, Battery, batteries and other junk (1 kg)
  • Boots, gloves and clothing (2kgs.)
  • Several, such as cabbage bag, energy bars or fruit, water, etc. (2 kg)


When you know your weight in flight, you can choose size. Normal is being in the middle of the weight range of your glider. If you fly often and / or with cheerful winds, better in the upper range (without going).

You can exchange experiences with other pilots, to familiarize yourself with the various features of the gliders. There paragliders that respond particularly well or poorly at the ends of their ranges. See test different models on the web, and see how they behaved in the approval.


So, summarizing as a colophon, I'd say the steps to choosing paragliding are:

Being self-critical to the level that we as pilots, and choose a level commensurate candle. Without ego through. Then, see which ones you like the market, talking to fellow pilots, and testing you can. Check your results on tests of approval. Lastly, choose the size that suits you.

Luck, and to fly with relaxation. I already tell you that best pilot flies a relaxed with a candle In a pilot concerned with a candle B.

Happy Flights!

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