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Find answers to your questions about paragliding

Who do I contact if I want to do a course?

With a club in your area, and direct you to a nearby school. Backed by a group to learn safely and utilize the expertise of instructors to progress methodically and order is essential. If you want to do in our club you have the data in section Contact

Who does the maintenance of takeoffs paragliding?

For some takeoffs which remain alone gives. On Mars, mainly. On this planet we manage to keep our clubs areas. The partners are always ready to lend a hand in the design of takeoffs, resulting in increased safety and care of the material. The more we, the easier it is!

How old do you have to paraglide?

With parental permission can start practicing at an early age, but the truth is that the wing combines many qualities that athletes tend to like more than 18 years old. It requires patience, theoretical study and certain personal maturity that allows you to make decisions over your ego.

How I can know if I like paragliding?

Vente a un despegue un día de vuelo. Verás como son los protocolos de los pilotos. Si te gusta prueba a hacer un biplaza y saldrás de dudas… Lo cierto es que muchas personas llevamos en nuestro interior desde pequeños la necesidad de volar, and paragliding is the purest expression, far, in which people can relate to the air. Ascender flying gently slopes, spin like a bird in thermal updrafts, plan over hills and forests ... Can you open her eyes? Then you will like flying!!!

What is a tandem flight and where to apply?

A tandem flight is a flight glider loveseat. An expert guide the glider pilot and you, to go sitting in front, you just have to enjoy the sights and familiarize yourself with your new environment ... the air. Our club does gainful activity, so to make a two-seater will have to contact a company that makes, or wait for a campaign to promote the sport in which you have free flights. When we inform on our website and social networks.

How long is a course paragliding?

Forget the usual course concepts. The course usually lasts about 20 sessions, but learning paragliding involves some specific weather, and they depend on the chronological course duration. The important thing is you master the contents thereof and autonomously handle you know. If the weather is benign, You can perform these 20 sessions in a couple of months. Otherwise, You can extend far.

Is it expensive paragliding?

If you compare it to wander, yes it is. If you compare it to fly by plane, It is dirt cheap :-P. A completely new and latest generation equipment is usually around 3.200 euros, secondhand 1.200 euros. That's the price of an aircraft which you can store in a backpack!!!

How long I can learn to fly?

Some members of the club took flying 15 years and are learning. Learning to fly is not an end, but a path. The most beautiful and exciting way you can imagine. Anyway, los alumnos y alumnas de la ESCUELA DEPORTIVA CPFERROL logran cierta autonomía a partir de unas 20 a 30 flight hours, about.

Are there exams paragliding?

Yup, there are. Los titulos federativos son los únicos oficiales en territorio español. They help us organize our formation of a fully sequenced and. After your initiation as pupil, and after accumulating 50 flight hours, puedes examinarte en la FAG para adquirir la condición de piloto en prácticas, implying greater autonomy. They are simple tests, with the contents learned in the course.

Where can paraglide?

Acknowledged flying sites, where the right conditions for free flight. There are regulations governing flight, and respect them becomes greater recognition and respect for our sport. When you start, fly in areas with high security. As you progress you acquire the level of knowledge and skills to distinguish areas volables and enjoy them.


Is it any day for paragliding?

Absolutely not. The conditions for paragliding require a specific intensity values ​​and stability and are difficult to predict. Therefore it is important to enjoy the friendship and good cheer at Mt., as we spent many times chatting and waiting for the wind to be the ideal to fly.

¿Federarse o no federarse?

Federarse o no es libre elección de cada uno. Como indican nuestros estatutos para ser soci@ del Club Parapente Ferrol, es imprescindible estar federado por la Federación Aeronáutica Gallega (FAG), que depende de la Secretaria Xeral para o Deporte de la Xunta de Galicia. A través de ella tramitamos nuestras licencias y seguros, y organizamos la competición. Si prefieres volar sin federarte hay distintos clubes que también desarrollan actividad de vuelo. Nuestro consejo es que tomes la decisión que tú prefieras, y te garantices un buen seguro que cubra tus actividades aéreas, y te permita disfrutar de este fabuloso deporte.

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