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Curso en Galicia con la Escuela Deportiva CPFerrol

Volar en parapente es divertido, sencillo y seguro.

What is the course of paragliding?

Nuestro curso de parapente en Galicia no es sólo de Initiation, It is a course Full, because we believe that flying well and safely, all knowledge is required. Por eso incluye todo lo que en otras escuelas se divide en iniciación, perfeccionamiento y avanzado.

La escuela deportiva del Club Parapente Ferrol ofrece un plan integral Learning to paraglide. Is a plan, as it is structured and has a progressive content to ensure the pupil that will develop its air safety and control activity. This is integral, it covers practical and theoretical knowledge ranging from the most basic beginner to advanced concepts of free flight.

All our students belong to the FAG (Aeronautical Federation Gallega) from day.

  • Técnicos deportivos titulados
  • Modern and reconditioned equipment
  • Specific areas for students
  • Seguros federativo y privado de escuela
  • Theory and practice
  • Radio tracking
  • Individual monitoring
  • Level 5 does not correspond to the course, but the further development of the capabilities of flight.
  • When your sheet has covered all x, and be ready to fly autonomously.
Curso escuela parapente Galicia


You should consult the squares of each call of course to know when you can start. You do not need special conditions for paragliding, but recommended a state half way. The first step is to make a flight in a paraglider, as passenger, acompañando a un técnico deportivo que será el que pilote. You'll have the first real sensations with the new medium, air, and you will find if you bring what you expect from the sport. Once you have been accepted to start the course, we process your license and insurance Galician Federation Aeronautics and begin practices. A course includes at least 20 altitude flights and all prior practices necessary, and lectures that address the issues: meteorology, aerological, equipment, aerodynamics and flight plan.

Previous steps

  • Listing Application
  • License and Insurance Processing FAG
  • Tandem flight as a passenger
  • First theoretical concepts
  • First contact with the equipment
  • Raise the sail and control
  • Folding Team
  • Jumping low altitude or “hen”
  • Improvement takeoff and landing
  • Flight height
  • Refining approximations
  • Making simple decisions
Curso escuela parapente Galicia

Takes off… 3…2…1…

The equipment needed for practice consists of hiking boots over the ankle, comfortable clothing and gloves. In addition the following technical elements are needed: integral hull paragliding, broadcasting station, Starter chair and glider flight level in A (initiation) in perfect condition and appropriate to the size of the pupil. These elements can give you, o utilizar los de la escuela, que cuenta con distintas tallas y material 100% apto y revisado periodicamente. Somos uno de los pocos clubes de España que contamos con el porosímetro JDC MKII para medir el estado del tejido de las velas. The first practices begin with the knowledge of the equipment and the correct way to lift and control a paraglider. At the end of each session is collected and folds, making it ready for the next practice. Normally, these early practices take place in open fields with gentle slope, as those in Lobadiz (Ferrol), The Bridges Mount Comado (Barreiros). These practices include small flights of low level, or "jumping chicken", to practice takeoffs and landings before jumping into the altitude flights.

First Flight height

Flights, se, usually take place in Ferrol, in the mountains near the beaches of Doniños and Ponzos. They are sites with security, ideal to be developing the ability to control the glider in the air and learn to make simple decisions. Los alumnos-polluelos llevan siempre contacto por radio con dos tecnicos deportivos, and have clear indications on each practice they will perform.


Escuela Deportiva CPFerrol, la escuela de parapente más segura de Galicia.


The course usually elongating between 8 and 20 calls (sessions that the student is summoned for practices), but these depend on the weather. Therefore, The course has a chronological predetermined duration.

All included

There introductory course, other development and other advanced. In our school there is a strong belief that knowledge of the three courses necessary to fly safely, so are integrated into a single course, adding other concepts at higher.

Pilots graduates

Contamos con dos técnicos deportivos y los pilotos veteranos del club para el aprendizaje de nuestros alumnos y alumnas. Both during the course, as in the following steps.


When you finish this course you will be prepared to introduce yourself to achieve success for consideration by the Federation to enable you as a pilot trainee, y later as paraglider pilot.


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  • Safety always comes first
  • Great atmosphere in takeoffs
  • Controlled evolution of students
  • Supervision 100% each flight
  • Theory and practice

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