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discover the fascination of flying,,es,look at the world differently,,es,make your dream of flying come true,,es,all the blues you can imagine,,es
feel the freedom,es
We painted the colorful sky
todos los azules que puedas imaginar
haz realidad tu sueño de volar
mira el mundo de otra manera

Safety, first

Come fly with us. We are a sports club where security takes precedence over all. A path, supported by many flight hours in various areas to enjoy with confidence.

Pilots graduates

FAG degree pilots who know the means practical and theoretical level, paragliding enthusiasts, but above all friends, you support and advice at all times during flight.

A treat for the senses

The sense of freedom that paragliding is inexplicable. The majesty of the landscape beneath your feet, the sound of air in the sail, friends with you… ven y descúbrelo con el Club Parapente Ferrol.

Club Parapente Ferrol, tu club de vuelo en Galicia.

Escuela Deportiva CPFerrol

  • Técnicos deportivos nivel I titulados
  • One Tuition
  • Material safe modern flight
  • Radio Communication
  • Theory and practice
  • Flight areas adapted
  • Federated Pilots
  • Advanced Meteorology
  • Flight without instrumental
  • Large takeoffs and landings
  • Seguros federativo y privado
  • A great team

Así somos en el Club Parapente Ferrol

We are a sports club nonprofit; we are company and do not get economic benefit from our activities, as is contained in our bylaws. We are moved by the desire to be athletes and disseminate and publicize the sport of paragliding to the general public. All of us in this club, from the president to the newest partner, dedicate our time and effort in spreading the sport without getting any financial benefit from this.
We believe this is a sport which by its nature requires caring people y por ello NO cobramos por los remontes de los pilotos o alumnos hasta los despegues situados en la cima de algunos montes, "Today for you tomorrow for me" is our slogan, por esta razón los socios del club collaborate selflessly on the lifts and organizational work.
If you've contacted someone and break these assumptions, You can be sure that you have not contacted a pilot Paragliding Club Ferrol.

Our look

We offer a unique perspective on the landscape of Galicia. Come fly with us and discover people excited to get closer to the sport.

Our mission

Our club is made up of riders from different localities and friendship is the cornerstone on which our hobby develops outdoor flight.


Bringing Paragliding to people who dream of flying, providing them with knowledge and skills so they can fly autonomously.

Awards Competition

Among our pilots have real racing fans. She devoted much of their flying days, both the regional and national circuit. Follow the Liga CPF

Flight Rules

Knowing the preferences and flight rules is a must for members of our club. It is basic to fly in harmony and with respect for others.

Gracias a nuestros colaboradores volamos muy alto

The best flying sites in the company of Galicia

In Paragliding Club Ferrol special emphasis on security applied to all phases of flight. This is the fundamental premise on which our pilots move. From ahí, each develops its flights adapting to their needs and allowing it to your computer, choosing the best areas in terms of meteorology of each day. Normally fly in groups and do in coastal areas of Galicia taking advantage of the air rising along the cliffs and the influence of clouds.

  • The feeling of take off 10 meters on the sandy beach and climb Ponzos 500 above the top of the mountain is superb.

    Xulio Villarino
    Xulio Villarino Piloto Swing Nyos RS
  • A life is a life lived successfully, and success is what allows us to breathe. Overcoming a major difficulty means adapting to a very demanding environment. When I'm on the air live sensations that would not experience if I stay on the ground. So I want to fly.

    Jaime Fonte
    Jaime Fonte Piloto en prácticas Powerplay Sting 2
  • The feeling of being free, to see the tiny, insignificant things, the great brotherhood of fellow, easily get away from it ... I dunno ... I guess that why I like it so fly.    

    Salvador Crespo
    Salvador Crespo Piloto Swing Nyos RS
  • When I prepare my team at takeoff, focuses concentration then, under the conditions of the day. Observe and prepare. Everything else fades, the concerns of the day are parked. When you fly, everything else stays on land. You are free

    Marcos Galán
    Marcos Galan Piloto Swing Nyos RS
  • The fascinating thing about flying is that you see the world from another perspective, with peace and silence that characterize the glider, in the privileged position of the Galician coast in the company of fantastic people that make our club.

    Jorge Montes
    Jorge Montes Piloto Arcus 6


– Two gliders crossings in the same direction and the opposite direction is effected bypassing each of its gliders right.

– If one of the gliders had the slope to your right has priority.

– No overtaking another glider on the sides at the same height and within its area of ​​maneuver.

– Between two gliders flying at different heights overrides the shortest lower.

– Within a thermal mark the direction of rotation the pilot would have begun to first turn.

– In side paths converged overrides the aircraft slower.


– Fly over any obstacle (powerlines, housing, trees…) at a minimum height of 50 m.

– Do not fly only. Should fly from the ground, warn the club or flying school in the area, with take-off and travel to perform.

– Do not fly within clouds.

– Do not take off if the wind exceeds 75% maximum speed of the glider.

– Do not take off if the wind is deflected more than 45 degrees from the direction of takeoff.

– Do not fly outside the boundaries of wing loading recommended by the manufacturer.

– Do not fly in turbulent aerological.

– No off downwind.

– No fly zones off unless the 50 m. if other sails.


– In the area of ​​security airports, aerodromes, air corridors and restricted flight zones.

– If there is express prohibition of proprietary takeoff, landing or authorities.

– From sunset to sunrise.

– If the landing area is covered fog.

– Inside clouds when flying close to other aircraft.

– Fly over crowds of people or populations.

– The tandem flight with gliders which have no such approval.

– Direct from towing vehicles, ships or drag systems that lack standardization.

Write to us,,es,And soon we will respond,,es

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